Ciao America!

Hi there! As this post goes up, I’ll be arriving in Rome, Italy! I know… it seems like this vacation arrived so quickly. In fact, I’m not even sure I’ve really talked too much in detail on B2B that I was even going to Italy? Regardless, for the next 10 days I will be vacationing in Rome and Tuscany, drinking lots of vino, eating lots of gelato and soaking up the Italian experience with RM and his family. The last time I was in Italy was when I was studying abroad as a junior in college, so I’m sure this experience will be just a liiiitle different 😉 RM’s parents are both from Italy and he and his siblings are all fluent in Italian so I’m pretty much all set in terms of communicating and getting around!

To say I’m excited about this trip is an understatement. I loveeee to travel and explore cities and getting to do that with RM and his family just makes it even better. Rome is actually my all time favorite city (and I’ve been to a lot of the big ones: NYC, Paris, Athens, London, Dublin) so I can’t wait to get back there and immerse myself in the culture.


(From my last trip to Italy!)

A lot of people have asked me if I plan on working out while I’m gone, and although I did bring my sneakers, I am not going into this vacation expecting to stay on track with my normal exercise routine. I mean, common- I’m in Italy! I anticipate doing a lot of walking and if that’s all I do the whole vacation then that’s totally fine with me. However, since I love working up a sweat and getting in some active movement, I feel like I may get in a few runs or quickie 10-20 minute AMRAP workouts, but I’m certainly not going to be planning my day around it.

As far as eats and drinks- again I won’t be following my typical approach to food and drinks, because, well, when in Rome 😉 (<— I’ve been dying to say that… and will likely overuse it throughout my trip haha) The last time I was in Italy I remember having an average of 2 gelato’s a day. They weren’t huge, American size servings, but it was still probably more than I needed but you know what?! It’s too damn good to not indulge! I fully intend on having my fair share of pizza and bread and cheese and wine. Pasta? Not something I generally crave or really care that much about so I don’t necessarily see myself eating that at every meal “just because I’m in Italy”. While I plan on indulging (without guilt- so wonderful!), I still want to be mindful with my choices because over-indulging is not a comfortable feeling. In general, I’m going to listen to my body and cravings and if that consists mostly of wine, bread, cheese, pizza & gelato, then I guess I’ve picked the right city to have those cravings 😉

And, lastly, in terms of B2B content & posts, don’t you worry- I’ve got some pretty awesome post lineups coming your way. From recipes to workouts to reviews, I think you’ll be really happy with the content that will keep B2B active.

On that note, I plan on detaching myself from social media for the most part since I am not activating an international phone plan. But, the places we are staying do have WiFi so I’ll try to post some photos throughout the trip. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you want to follow along!

See ya in June, friends!

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