I Love Wine & I Love A Good Deal

If you’ve been following B2B for a while, it should come as no surprise that I loooove my vino 😉 and bubbly, for that matter! I’m no where near a wine snob, so as long that it’s not Franzia in the box (sorry mom and dad, I just can’t do it!), it’s good for me. But, if you’re like me, you get comfy drinking your “favorite” wines, right? For me, those would be (in no particular order):

  • La Crema Chardonnay
  • Butternut Chardonnay
  • J.Lohr Chardonnary
  • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
  • 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc
  • Konos Sauvignon Blanc
  • Layer Cake Malbec

…and so on. However, although I certainly have my “favorites”, I’m always open to trying new ones, especially ones that are in my price range ($10-15/bottle), which is why Club W is so awesome (<— full disclosure: this is a referral link- more on that below). My friend Kelly introduced me to this and as soon as I talked about it with RM, we were both totally game. 3 bottles of wine delivered to your house every month?! Sign me up! And, the way the referral program works is that when you sign up using the referral link in this post, you automatically get 2 free bottles of wine as part of your first month shipment. And, anytime someone signs up using your link, which you’ll get if you sign up, you get 1 free bottle, so it works out pretty well.


We’ve received 2 shipments so far, so we are pretty well stocked up, but another perk of this program is you have the option to gift one of your months to someone else, which makes for the perfect birthday present (or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversary….). Here’s a review of the wines we’ve received. What I love is that they give you a note card for each wine, telling you how to serve it (chilled, room temp, etc.), when to drink it (relaxing, dinner party, etc.) and what to serve it with as well as a recipe. Pretty awesome, right?


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Wednesday Workout: Hotel Gym Full Body Circuit

I’m a big believer that just because you travel, doesn’t mean you have to give up your normal routine. Sure, things will be different- that’s a given- but when I travel I really try to stay on track with eating well and keeping active. Well, I guess this is more true when I travel for work because personal vacations should include indulgences and living off your normal schedule, right?! Last week I had to travel for work and since I was traveling alone, I was able to eat when, where and what I wanted and also go to the gym when it was right for my schedule- this was awesome!

I’ve been to a lot of hotel gyms- some are good some are not so good. Luckily, the gym at Le Joule had a pretty nice gym- full set of weights, cable machines, kettlebells and cardio equipment. I ended up working out twice in my very short stay because I enjoyed the gym so much (ok, and the shower in my room was amazing and I wanted to use it again…). The first day was a little cardio and then the full body circuit in this post. The second was a 5K run on the treadmill and some abs. All in all, I was really happy that I was able to get some physical activity in, especially since the flight was so long each way!

Hotel gym full body circuit
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My Latest Stitch Fix “Fix” {#4}

If you’ve been reading B2B for a while, you’ve probably seen me talk about Stitch Fix (Referral link- you get one if you sign up!) before. I’ve had “meh” fixes, good fixes and great fixes- you can read about those here:

My first Stitch Fix: Why didn’t I love it as much as everyone else seems to?
My 2nd Stitch Fix Review {Hint: I loved it!}
My 3rd Stitch Fix: so hard to pick just 1 thing!

My 4th fix was another pretty good fix! Some pieces I loved, some were just ok, but regardless, the whole process of scheduling a fix, waiting for it to arrive and then checking it out is so fun!


I try to just schedule fixes when I know I have an event coming up, otherwise it gets to be a pretty expensive habit 😉 Since I’m going to Italy AND since I received a gift card from my gym friend, Jen, for my birthday, I figured it was the perfect time to schedule one. Here are the goods!


Market & Spruce Barrymore Solid Pleat Detail Top- $48

IMG_1141 IMG_1142

While I liked this top, it just didn’t fit that great so I sent it back. I know they are supposed to fit loose and flowy, but this one just seemed to be baggy and just didn’t do anything for my figure.

Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top- $58

IMG_1139 IMG_1140

I LOVE this top! I think the pleather border on the collar is cool, I love the material and I like the little detail on the arms. While it’s more than I’d normally spend on a top like this, I just liked it too much to send back!
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What’s Your Favorite App?

Hi there! I’ve got a funny story to share with you today… I’ve only told it in person previously, so I hope it transfers to text in a way that still makes it funny 😉

A few weeks ago, a new indoor cycling company reached out to me to say they are coming to Boston (I know, another new cycling studio?! I’ll take it!) and asked if I was interested in answering some questions so that they could do a spotlight on me on their blog. I thought this was a pretty cool opportunity, so I quickly said “yes, please! Send me the questions!”.

They sent me the questions as well as some examples from other cities they’ve opened in; what they do is each time they open in a new city, they reach out to various bloggers/fitness professionals in the city to do a spotlight on them, asking them all their favorite things about the city. I was so excited to answer the questions, although kind of nervous, too, because I wanted to make sure I had the “best” answers, which can be hard to come up with when you’re specifically asked them, right? Ask me my favorite place to grab a drink or dinner offhandedly in casual conversation and I’d answer with surety. But when I have time to think about the answer and know it will be published, I second guess myself. In order to make sure I had the “best” answers, I went over them with RM.

It was awesome because every response he suggested matched what I had put! Love that. So, we kept going. Here are some examples of the questions:

“Favorite date night spot” (Eastern Standard)
“Best drink spot” (DRINK or Eastern Standard)
“Best outdoor area” (Piers Park in East Boston)
“Where you frequent with your girlfriends” (Barcelona in the South End or Anthem near Quincy Market)
“Favorite workout song” (Pray to God by Calvin Harris, Ft. HAIM)

… and then this one came: “Favorite app”

So, I ask the question to RM, thinking in my head that he was DEFINITELY going to nail this one… and he goes “Ohh, Facebook or that Instagram thing or something”. My facial expression immediately dropped and RM asked what I put.

My response? Shrimp cocktail

I had though “app” was an abbreviation for appetizer not application… clearly I’m obsessed with food! But, it gets better. When I explained to him that I struggled with the response, we both lost it. My inner dialogue went something like this “hmm shrimp cocktail. But I really love oysters, too. Should I put that? But quesadilla’s are so good, too, but not very healthy. I guess I’ll put shrimp cocktail.” So not once was there EVER a thought in my head that APP meant application, not appetizer. To say we both got a kick out of it is an understatement… even as we were going to bed we were cracking up.

So, my question to you is:

  • What’s your favorite app?  😉
  • And, when you saw my title were you thinking application or appetizer?

I’m so happy we caught this misunderstanding BEFORE I sent in my responses… that would’ve been so embarrassing had I sent it in with shrimp cocktail listed!

Can’t wait to hear what came to mind first for you- I’m REALLY hoping I’m not alone here…

Wednesday Workout: The “Back & Forth” Workout

Last week, I decided to take my normal lunch break workout outside, rather than to the gym. Since I knew I was teaching cardio kickboxing the next day, I didn’t want to do anything too crazy, especially in terms of cardio, but I also knew the weather was so nice and I wanted to get some movement in, which is when I came up with this workout.

Well, this workout doesn’t exactly mimic the workout I did, but that’s only because I didn’t write anything down and have since forgotten the exact workout. However, I think what I have for you today is still a pretty good workout; I definitely plan on doing it the next time I do a lunch break workout outside.

The back & forth workout

I’m a big fan of traveling workouts because I like the idea of knowing that I have to go to X spot before finishing- it motivates me to move faster than I normally might otherwise. It’s also just a fun way do something different from the standard time or rep format. Here are some explanations for the exercises:

  • Frogger jump squats- Use your arms to help you get momentum as you leap forward, landing softly in a squat position. Repeat until you get to the end mark, and then do the same thing back to the starting line.
  • Inchworm Push-Ups- Start in a standing position and walk your hands out to a high plank. When you get in the high plank, do 1 push-up and then walk your feet up to meet your hands. Stand up tall and then repeat.
  • Bear Crawl- Begin in a table-top sort of position. Engage your core and lift your knees up from the ground. As you move forward, your right arm and left leg will be in sync. Try to stay as low as possible rather than sticking your butt in the air, in other words, keep hips and shoulders at the same height. (the 1:50ish mark in the video in this post will help)
  • Lunge w/oblique twist- Hold your arms out in front of you and step forward in a lunge. As you’re in the lunge position, rotate through the core so that your arms are twisting over the bent leg; if your right leg is forward, rotate to the right, feeling a nice stretch/twist throughout your core. Repeat there & back.
  • Crab walk- Start in a seated position with your hands on the ground & finger tips pointing towards your toes. Engage your core and lift yourself so that just your feet and hands are on the ground. Move like a crab to get to the end and back.
  • Frogger burpees- This is exactly like the frogger jump squat except rather than landing in a squat, you’ll land in a chest to ground burpee position.

Let me know if you have any questions- I hope you try this next time you’re looking for a way to get a workout in without actually going to the gym 🙂

Questions for you: Do you like to take your workouts outside?