Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 {review}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mizuno because of my relationship with Fitfluential. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.

I wouldn’t say I’m a “runner”, but I will say that I do enjoy running and like to incorporate it into my weekly workouts. It gives me time to think and it challenges me because running isn’t an “easy” workout for me. I’m not one who can just lace up and head out for a 6-10 mile run; 3-5 miles is generally my “happy” number of miles to cover in any particular workout.


I have probably 10+ pairs of cross-training sneakers, but when it comes to running sneakers, I had seriously been neglecting my poor feet! I was running in old Nike sneakers that looked great, but probably were not the most supportive sneakers for me to run in, so I have to say I was pretty stoked to get to try out the new Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 sneakers! I had never owned or run in a pair of Mizuno’s before, but had always assumed they were good because it seems like all “runners” are wearing them!

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