Wednesday Workout: Outdoor Bootcamp Stations Workout

Good morning! As some of you may already know, I started my own bootcamp at my office for coworkers and anyone else who might be in the area on Tuesday nights. What I love about leading my own bootcamp is that there are no rules 😉 I can decide what I want to teach and what equipment I want to use and there’s a bit of a relaxed feeling for me as the instructor since it’s a “fun” thing. Granted, I still want to make good workouts, but I also know I don’t have ample weights and other equipment at my disposal so it forces me to get creative and incorporate more “fun” things that still give a good workout.

Last week I had a request to do stations, which is always a great format for bootcamps because it allows people to work at their own pace and it keeps them moving around by jumping from station to station which helps to keep their mind off the time! We did 10 stations at 60 seconds each and I worked to organize the exercises so that they’d be working their whole body and alternating between strength and cardio. I don’t usually bring equipment for my outdoor bootcamp, but thought some bands, a jump rope and a weight would be a good addition. The verdict? The girls loved the workout and couldn’t believe it went by so fast!

Outdoor bootcamp stations workout
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