I Drank Wine On A Random Tuesday

I know some of you are probably shaking your heads going, “ok, Monique. Big deal!”, which is exactly the point of this post! At the start of the summer, I told RM that I wanted to be more spontaneous and plan less and in general, be more easy going and ok with going off schedule. Halfway through the summer, I’ve realized¬†I haven’t really been very successful in accomplishing this. So many nights RM will say “want a glass of wine?” or “I made a pseudo spritzer- want one?” and I politely respond with, “no thank you”.


I will say that *most* of the time I turn down drinks during the week because I really don’t feel like I need or want one. Most of the time I’m getting home late because of teaching or some other fitness event and by the time I shower and sit down to eat, wine is not even close to being on my mind. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t turn down drinks sometimes because I didn’t want to drink extra calories. Or because I’ll feel guilty having a drink because my weekly goal Monday through Thursday is usually to not drink alcohol in order to give my body a little break (unless there’s a specified event during the week that will likely result in drinks- girls nights, sporting events, traveling, etc.).

But the thing is, what’s the difference between drinking on a Friday than on a Tuesday? Some Friday’s I don’t feel like a glass of wine but have one anyway because it’s Friday (#becauseFRIDAY)! And everyone drinks on Fridays to celebrate the weekend! Right? Maybe, but does it mean I have to? Nope. I shouldn’t feel like I need to conform to societal “rules” or my own rules instead of tuning into myself and listening to how I’m feeling and what I want on that particular day/time.¬† Which is exactly why on Tuesday night last week, I poured myself a glass of wine after my workout and shower. RM was over, it was HOT and we were grilling. What goes well with all of those things?
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