Weekend Catch Up, Family Dinner, Lulu…

Hello, hello!

How was your weekend? I really enjoyed my long weekend at home in Maine with my family! Saturday night we had a blast drinking wine and having lots of laughs. Mom always wants to know what I teach in my classes and when I showed her lunges, she wanted to show me what she does when she does lunges in class:

002 001

Yes, she is doing the sign of the cross while lunging.  I nearly died with laughter when she showed me this.  Apparently all the Catholics in class really get a kick out of her when she does this. Haha, still laughing as I think back to that!

Anyway, Sunday we woke up to snowy, windy, COLD weather… yuck:( Mom and I went to church and then to the grocery store.  Hannaford had French Toast K-Cups- holy yum! That made the shopping process so much better!


All my groceries for the week! Love that I can buy wine, on a Sunday at 10AM at the grocery store.

When we got home, we did lots of cooking- I made brownies and this and mom started to prep our dinner: Pork and Chicken Wellington, mashed butternut squash, fancy mashed potatoes and asparagus with roasted red peppers. Here are some pictures from the process… I wish I had a recipe for you, but neither mom or dad used one.

022 019 018002 003

While we prepped the food, a couple of my mom’s friends came over for happy hour- have I mentioned how much I love being home and with my family? I wish I made more time for “happy hours”.  We had a blast laughing and drinking delicious bubbly (what else?!) and snuggling sweet little Emma:


I drove back down to MA relatively early today. I had to stop off at the Burlington Mall and clean the apartment before teaching tonight, so I wanted to make sure I had time for everything! I had too much fun at Lululemon… oops! I mean, the damage isn’t as bad since I get 15% off for my instructor discount, right? Shhh… that’s what I keep telling myself! Here are my goodies:

011I didn’t end up buying this water bottle, but I am totally obsessed with it.  Guilty pleasure: I love muffins. Donuts? Yuck! but muffins? I just love them so much! This water bottle is seriously perfect for me.


I am home alone all week, except for my mom and cousin coming to spend the night tomorrow, so I spent a few hours deep cleaning. There is nothing better than a sparkly clean apartment!

012 013And, I finally did something I have been meaning to do for so so long:

014 015

I FINALLY organized all of my workouts into a nice, organized binder:)  This makes me a happy, happy fitness instructor!

I was going to post my Dynamax workout tonight, but as this post is already ridiculously long (if you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU!), I’ll post that tomorrow!

Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Catch Up, Family Dinner, Lulu…

  1. Brendan Mahoney says:

    i will be reading this more often. guess I should get on the workout train. was that a UKFdubstep workout that I saw on your binder?? that’s up my alley, along with an oxygen tank and a team of EMTs. maybe start with typing and and posting videos. then work my way up to doing it while lunging.

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