Dynamax Workout 2.18.13

I love when my week starts on a Tuesday and not a Monday:)  Especially since my mom and cousin are coming to the city tonight… slumber partyyyy!

I wanted to share with you what we did in Dynamax last night.  I have a whole post designated to professing my love explaining my Dynamax class and what a Dynamax workout is all about, but until I finish that, I thought I’d share this workout since it can be done in pieces and with or without equipment!  If I were you, I would swing over to the Dynamax as it has loads of tips and workouts and instructions on how to use the balls… they are my FAVORITE exercise tool right now!

Dynamax 2/18/13-

Please note that this can be done with any type of medicine ball or weight if you do not have access to a Dynamax ball. Also, if you do not have access to a partner, skip the partner work.  Instead, maybe try 1 round of the Supersets, followed by 3 rounds of the 45 second moves, and end with another round of the supersets… This workout can be done in different pairings as you wish!

Dynamax 2.18.13

And then we ran out of time:) I know some of these moves might be a little confusing, so try putting them into YouTube or going to the Dynamax website! Also, I’m always available for questions… I hope to have pictures of these moves up on the blog soon:)

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