Scenes from Saturday (Baby Shower Style)

Good morning! Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting a dear friend’s baby shower at our apartment. As you may remember, there’s a group of us (including our moms) who have been friends since, well, forever- we call ourselves the Shapleigh Girls. Sara is expecting a little baby boy in just 5 weeks and since we live with her sister and we have a big enough apartment to host a party, we decided to throw her a shower here. I love that we have such a big, spacious, open apartment that is perfect for these types of things. And, when we get it all cleaned up, it looks even better!

I didn’t get many pictures because I was busy playing hostess and writing down all of the gifts she received (and, boy, did she receive some amazing gifts!! She is one lucky momma, that’s for sure.), but here are some that I did get. Amy (Sara’s sister and our roommate) decided to do a themed shower where all of the food related to a children’s book. I thought this idea was SO cute and it made it fun trying to find what food/books to pick.








As you can see, the food was amazing! And the book theme came out really well. I am so impressed with Amy and her mom’s planning because it took a lot of time to get everything “just right”. I made the cookies for “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”, but they were nothing in comparison to the crazy-cute cupcakes that Amy made. They were almost too cute to eat. Almost, being the key word. I think the meatballs were probably my favorite (no surprise there), but the avocado deviled eggs were pretty amazing, too (we did avocado to get a green tint to go with “Green Eggs and Ham”). We sent people home with lots of leftovers, but luckily there was enough for us to keep some, too!


My sister and Sara, the beautiful mom-to-be!


My sister and sweet little Emma Jean!

032Emma loved her Lovage baby food!


027The original Shapleigh Girls

040Mom and her girls! (yes, I know I look like a giant next to her)

041My favorites. I cannot get over how amazing Sara looks for being just a month away from her due date.

035Gotta have a belly grab photo!

So, there you have it. Yesterday afternoon was so wonderful. Sara was showered with love and presents and support… We are all ready for the little boy to come out, so hurry up!

Questions for you: Do you like hosting parties at your place? Any friends expecting babies soon? I have a bunch- it’s crazy!


13 thoughts on “Scenes from Saturday (Baby Shower Style)

  1. Meredith says:

    What an adorable shower! You girls did such a wonderful job on everything. Such attention to detail, too. Those cupcakes…wow!! Your sangria/punch looks pretty darn fantastic, too 🙂 So exciting that Sara is due so soon! I don’t have any friends pregnant at the moment…I feel like it’s going to hit all at once though! xoxo

  2. suzanne gagnon says:

    HI Nick,
    I bragged about the baby shower all day at school–everything was PERFECT! Sara was such a beaming mom-to-be, and it was so nice to have the Shapleigh girls all together again. As far as hosting parties–I love it!! My philosophy about that is–lots of food and wine(or other drinks), make everyone feel welcome, clean up as much as you can during the party, and have fun yourself! Remember those 50+ teenagers we hosted during your high school years?? Mom

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Aww, that is so nice to hear. Sara was the most beautiful mom-to-be and I think she really loved it. I feel the same way, I must be your daughter:) We’ve hosted some good parties over the years…

  3. Dana says:

    Omg this is SO cute!! How on earth did she make those cupcakes?! They look delish!! As you know I’m totally baby obsessed and my good friend an coworker is pregnant and due in July!! We’re having a shower mid May and her mom is hosting it, but my other friend/coworker and I are in charge of desserts. Let me tell you-it will look nothing like those but we make some killer healthy desserts (we love Chocolate Covered Katie). I had suggested to her mom an idea I had loved from another baby shower where everyone brings a book and signs it instead of a card, so I’m excited to see what she gets! The hardest part for me as a nanny/teacher is that I know the things people would never put on their registry but will thank me later for so I can’t stop shopping (and I find it so fun to shop for baby things-second to fitness things!). You’re apartment is so nice by the way. I’m always so jealous when we post pics, especially with that gorgeous kitchen! I think I’m doing the wrong thing with my patch degree!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      it was a 3 hour ordeal, haha That’s a really fun idea! And way more useful than silly cards:) Thanks, we really love it. I am so sad to move in September because I feel like I won’t be able to find something as nice that I can afford and I am in LOVE with my kitchen. Ugh. Can’t think about that yet!

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