Scenes from Saturday

Happy Weekending, everyone!

Ok, these were from Thursday, but I’m still counting them as “Scenes from Saturday” because I wanted to share them…





{Beautiful run along Memorial Drive in Cambrige before teaching. Teaching class. Sweet Charlie snuggles. Flour granola- yum! My beautiful “M” necklace from my sister.}

Scenes from Friday…


012 014

{Mom and dad came for lunch! Drinks and apps with Jessi at Olives in Charlestown.}

Finally scenes from Saturday!






022 023


027 028


031 032


{Teaching a killer kickboxing class. Burpee seeds! A match made in heaven. Garden shopping at Home Depot. Lunch at Chipotle with Danielle. Seeds and other gardening supplies. Charlie on a leash- don’t ask. Final product of my potted plants! Before & after of the area beside our apt. My garden. Grocery goods & a delicious Sam Summer. Dinner- Chicken parm burgers & roasted broccoli.}

Questions for you: What was your Thursday, Friday or Saturday like? Do anything worth sharing?

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