Mother’s Day Recap

Hey everyone! I know it’s a little late to be posting a Mother’s Day recap, but better late than never, right? Even though my sister wasn’t home to celebrate Mother’s Day with us, mom, dad and I still had a great day!

We decided to not rush around to make it to the 9AM mass and went to the 11AM instead. Since we were planning to have a brunch and didn’t want to eat at 3pm, we did all the prep work for the meal prior to church.  Dad got the potatoes and onions going, mom pre-cooked the sausage and I got all the ingredients together for the mini Quiche’s.


After church, mom and I went to the grocery store quickly and then came home, popped some bubbly and got to work on the getting the brunch together.



Mom FINALLY let me give her the rest of her Mother’s Day present. I am really bad at surprises and keeping things from people. As soon as I buy something for someone, I want to tell them about it or give it to them. Mom, on the other hand, likes to wait. So, I waited. From Friday to Sunday. Even after a couple of wines I still couldn’t get her to give in and open it! Alas, Sunday came and she said it was time!

When I was in NYC, we went to Chelsea Market and to the Chelsea Wine Vault. As soon as I saw this “wine tote” I knew I had to get it for mom. Mom and her friends go to the beach at least a couple of times a week in the summer and always bring wine or champagne. They try to be discreet by using Dasani bottles for their wine, but I think we all know that’s not discreet at all. Neither is this, but it’s pretty darn cute!

012And, since my parents love their Franzia boxed wine, it’s really easy to go from “box to bag” as one of my mom’s friends said.

011Love it! It fits 750ml of liquid, which just happens to be the size of a bottle of wine. Coincidence? I think not. So happy she loved this, even though I knew she would!

Brunch was absolutely delicious!! As much as I love breakfast and breakfast foods, I never take the time to make really delicious breakfasts, so Sunday was a nice treat!


YUM! We had lots of leftovers, so after we finished, I helped mom pack them up, aka I packed up stuff I wanted to take home with me:) I love when I get to go “grocery shopping” at my parents house! Also, to all my fellow organizers out there (ahem, Athena), I have to show you my parents Tupperware closet. Yes, you read that correctly, they have a closet for all of their Tupperware. I am SO jealous!


One day, maybe I’ll be able to have one of those. Talk about making it easy to “grab n’ go!”

That about sums up the day! The sun did come out in the afternoon which was a nice surprise. Mom sat outside and read and I joined her out there while I did some arms and core workouts! I packed up to leave around 4:45 and was greeted with an apartment that did not have hot water. Lovely. Oh well. Could’ve been worse!

Questions for you: Are you super organized when it comes to putting away Tupperware and pots and other things like that? Favorite beach beverage?

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Recap

  1. Jean Brennan says:

    wine in Dasani water bottle is not cool!!! I will have to look for a better container for my beach beverage. CAn’t compete with you though!!!

  2. suzanne gagnon says:

    I think you covered it all–left-over containers and more!! By the way, most of those containers are Ziplock(cheaper, and can be disposable). There’s nothing like wine at the beach–everyone near us wants to be WITH us -My friend Cathy even got a beach table, made especially for hors d’oeuvres and such–can’t wait to try it out! Our beach feasts are quite amazing. Mom

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