Friday Things! All sorts of random things…

Hi friends! Happy Friday! and long weekend… the best kind of weekend, right?! What do you have planned this weekend?? Unfortunately, I am not going to Figawi, but now that I have seen the weekend weather, I am not as sad about that decision! I am teaching kickboxing tomorrow morning at the YMCA and then my sister, chuck (aka her cat, Charlie) and I will make the trek north. Our family always hosts the Memorial Day BBQ and our friends, the Mahoney’s, always host the 4th of July BBQ (because they have a pool and pool parties are the best!), so I am looking forward to helping my parents host a little get together!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the day off today, so let’s get right to the post so I can get back to work 😉 (I wrote this on my lunch break, so no worries!)


On Wednesday, Danielle came to my UXF class and then we met up with Amy at Redbones for some delicious, cheap BBQ… can’t get better than that!




I got lunch from Bee’s Knees yesterday. Bee’s Knees recently opened up a location in Fort Point directly across the street from the entrance into my building for work. I immediately fell in love with it. Literally, if I could design a store, it would be Bee’s Knees. They have all sorts of weird, quirky, “granola” type items that they sell and as a foodie and health nut, I love it! Oh, and they have a nice wine and beer selection, too- told you it was the perfect store!


(I got this on sourdough because I learned on Sunday that if you can’t order whole wheat or Ezekiel, order sourdough since it’s much easier for our body to break down)


I had my butt handed to me when I took a Core Fusion Cardio class at Exhale Spa. Seriously, I despise mountain climbers because I struggle so much with them (my shoulders burn!!) and we did enough for a lifetime. But still, I left that class with a smile! I even took one of the moves and brought it to UXF:

002 003

1-legged walk out push-ups. Love!

Speaking of more moves that I have loved bringing into class this week, I learned this beauty from Celeste at the Wellness By The Water Retreat.


Run the plank!!! so fun.


My dad’s emails literally crack me up! What is even more funny, is that he doesn’t comment ON my blog posts, but rather, he sends me an email with his comment. So funny.

023Deep Knee Bends= the new way to refer to squats. Wadda ya think of that?! I love it.


Speaking of Jess, she just sent out her first newsletter, featuring yours truly! As I have mentioned before, Jess and I have partnered together to create “Mommy’s Moves” which will be a series of short, but effective workouts with busy mom’s in mind. This one is just 7 minutes, including my intro, warm up and cool down, and I don’t care how busy you are, you have 7 minutes to dedicate to your health and fitness! Click on this link to check it out. If there are any new mom’s out there reading my blog that have ideas of what they would like to see in a quick workout, please shoot me an email or leave a suggestion in the comments section!


Look what arrived on our doorstep this morning!

009 010

My sister and I splurged and purchased Jack Rogers for the summer. I absolutely love the ones I bought, but I think they are a smidge too small:(


This is why I don’t shop online; I like instant gratification so when I order something and it doesn’t fit, it is REALLY disappointing:(


Try this circuit 4 times through!



Ok, one more thing. JP sent me this from Hahaha totally me!

Phew! I think that is it? If you’re around for kickboxing tomorrow morning, please come! It will be the best way to kick off your long holiday weekend 🙂

Questions for you: What’s the best thing you’ve done or seen this week? Do you own Jack Rogers? Are you a fan of online shopping? Ever been to Bee’s Knees or Redbones?


8 thoughts on “Friday Things! All sorts of random things…

  1. Kelly Murphy says:

    Love Jack Rogers and love the color you got, don’t worry about the size they definitely mold and stretch out over time!

    I think we’re switching places you’re getting new jacks and I just got new running shoes. Hope you have an awesome Memorial Day weekend with the fam!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      I think of you every time I look down at my feet! haha I decided to keep them because they already fit better after just trying them on a few times. Congrats on the new running shoes! What Kind? Did you see my email about Chicago? miss you!

  2. Dana says:

    You should write a post with the nutrition tips that you learned from the retreat last weekend! I love your sandals-since you said you splurged I’m guessing they’re expensive, but they’re wicked cute!! I must say, that workout was SO hard last week, but you really did make my day with your enthusiasm, especially while running the plank. It had been a rough Wednesday, so that was a great gym pick me up. Funny that you mention that your sister came to class again-how is it that I always miss seeing her? She should be familiar since I am always on your blog!

    P.S. Check out the form on those one-legged push-ups. Whoever that is makes it look like those are a breeze 😉
    I love when I’m “featured” in pictures on the blog!! I’m a B2B celeb!

    Oh, and please share more of your dad’s e-mails. “Deep knee bends?” He’s hilarious.

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