Wednesday Workout: Compound Exercises with CrossFit Cardio

Hey there! How is your week unfolding so far? My photo shoot was re-scheduled for last night, which was SO fun! We shot on Acorn street and all around Beacon Hill and the Esplanade. More on it later šŸ™‚ Before I get into the workout, I have to vent about what happened on Monday night. If you remember, I was supposed to sub a class at the Wellington BSC on Monday night at 5:30. The class was supposed to be BodyPump, but no BodyPump instructors were available to teach, so the permanent instructor got special approval for a format change so that I could teach the class. I had a great supersets workout all planned out, with only minimal cardio since the class is not used to cardio and I was so excited to finally get to sub at that gym (it’s huge, new, awesome and 5 mins from my apartment).

Well, I got there and had my bench and bar and weights all set up, and I was starting to talk to a few members about the slight format change and then all of a sudden, this lady comes running into the room, still in flip-flops and throws her sneakers on MY bench and runs to the stereo going “few I have 1 minute to spare!”. Clearly, I am very confused and I tried to explain it quietly to her, but she was a very vocal, overly expressionate (I don’t think that’s a word, but I am making it up because it fits well) person who felt the need to make the whole thing a bigger deal than necessary. To make a long story short, she was claiming that she was supposed to sub a 5:30 spin class for Nicole. News flash, lady, there is no 5:30 spin class at this gym on Monday’s and Nicole teaches at Central on Monday’s. Anyway, this lady tells the whole class that she has been teaching for “a million years” and asks then asks themĀ if they wanted Pump or “whatever she is going to teach” (pointing at me). Obviously it made more sense for her to teach the real format of the class, but what bothered me is that she just came in and took it from me! And then kept bringing it up all class and was totally inappropriate (throwing her bar down, picking out and picking on the new people, calling light weights “baby” weights, etc.). ANYWAY. Vent over. Instructors- have you ever experienced something like this? Class goers- have you ever had an instructor like this?!

Ok. Let’s get to the workout. I want to do a recap of the discussion from last week’s post on Compound vs. IsolationĀ Exercises, but IĀ haven’t had a chance to spend time put something together… it will come, though! It’s almost ironic that I am posting today’s workout since I just got over telling you how I am loving isolation exercises more than compound exercises at the moment. What can I say? When I can only pick a few exercises to do in a class, I want them to include as many muscle groups as possible! This workout surely did that.

Compound Exercises and CrossFit cardio

Most of this workout is fairly self-explanatory, but if you have questions, obviously ask in the comments or shoot me an email! Ab Roll-Ups might be new to you as they were new to me… Thank you, Women’s Health šŸ™‚ Here’s the explanation and picture for the move: Ab Roll-Up. This is a super tough move for your legs, as it’s so much harder to go from seated to standing, but only using your legs, than you’d think! Make sure you’re not rolling too far on your back so that you’re crunching the back of your neck; only roll to about your shoulder blades/meaty part of your upper back. These ended up taking much longer than I had anticipated, so for theĀ 2nd round, they did just 12 and 6 of each and the last round was just 6 of each.

I ended the class with low and high mountain climbers (4 high knees, then drop down and do 4 mountain climbers. Again, thank you Women’s Health) for 2 minutesĀ and more ab work.Ā  I liked this workout because it included so many different things and my legs literally felt like jello by the end!

Questions for you: What is your biggest pet peeve about instructors (I won’t be offended!!)? Do you like it when they try to make funny jokes when they aren’t funny? What’s your most favorite “new move” as of late?


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Compound Exercises with CrossFit Cardio

  1. Jean Brennan says:

    hope someone in the management was notified and apoligized to you!!! Pet Peeve us when an instructor has no sense if rythmn and missteps all through the exercise!

  2. suzanne gagnon says:

    I’m with my friend jean!! This woman was totally inappropriate–I’d like to sic my “Momma Bear” mode on her!(It wouldn’t be pretty). Calling light weight “baby weights” is so over the line–what if someone had an injury recently? By the way, I love the instructors I deal with at our YMCA. Mom

  3. Meredith says:

    that woman sounds terrible! I’m sorry that happened. I think saying “baby weights” is so offensive! I don’t like when instructors call out new members all the time either. It’s scary to be new!

  4. Dana says:

    I am literally awestruck right now at the audacity that woman had to treat you with such blatant and utter disrespect. There is NEVER a reason to be so rude and unprofessional, especially when you tried to handle it in a quiet and appropriate manner. I’m really stunned by that and am thankful that I haven’t encountered a rude instructor myself. There are some instructors that I just don’t jive with; I think the whole thing that people need to understand is that classes and instructors are not “one size fits all.” One of my favorite instructors at my home gym said to me that he knows that not everyone likes his classes, and that’s ok. He gives the most intense workout offered and still always has a waiting list. If people don’t like it after they try it, they can leave, and that’s what I have done with the instructors I don’t care for. I loved the ab rollups, although you know I was the dummy who rolled too far and hurt my neck, but to be fair I also got sick with an ear infection over that weekend so it could have been pain from that too!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      It was so awful!! She wasn’t mean, just crazy!! I went to the gym on Saturday for another BodyPump class (with an awesome instructor) and she was like “what the heck happened the other day”?! clearly, news got around! I like to think I teach a hard class, but I never want people to feel intimidated or hate it. Haha you were fine, but next time don’t roll back so much šŸ™‚

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