Guest Post: Summer Favorites from The Truth About Vinyl and Bikini Tops

As I am still away for work travel, today’s post is your second guest post of the week! This post is especially exciting for me, as it comes from one of my very best friends, Rachel! We have grown up together and lived together for over 3 years when we both first made the move to Boston. I was also the Maid of Honor in her wedding, so we share lots and lots of memories! Rachel and I write very different blogs, but I love popping over to her blog to read about really fun DIY (do it yourself) projects, fun drinks and events, and all of her “must haves”, which change every season. I hope you enjoy this post- make sure to go over and check out her blog 🙂 Thanks again, Rachel!

rachel and me


Hello Burpees to Bubbly readers, I’m Rachel over at The Truth About Vinyl and Bikini Tops.  When Monique asked me to write a guest post while she was busy traveling for work this week, I was delighted. I know you’re usually reading about new workouts but today I will be sharing with you some of my favorites for summer.  Hope you enjoy and can stick it out!  So with out further ado here are my summer must haves.


 1}  These have been my two favorite accessories so far this summer.  The hat is great with just about every outfit and it also protects your lovely skin from the sun while you’re at the beach.  The fabulous sparkly gold belt adds a little something to everything you wear.   And the truth is I can’t really live without a little glitter.

2}  As much as I would love a week or two at the beach during the summer, it’s just not in the cards for me.  But I do try and get as many great beach days in as I can.  This bag and cotton fouta are a must have for beach days.  The boat and tote bags from L.L. Bean are not only made in Maine but they are also made to withstand a lot of wear.  I have the large bag with the long handles {get the long handles so you can throw it over your shoulder} and it’s perfect for the beach.  The fouta makes a great blanket or towel {depending on what size you get} and they wash and dry so easily.

3}  I don’t have many beauty essentials, especially during the summer months, but these three items I can’t live without.  Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, cleanser, and I even add a little to my hair to keep the frizz down.  Plus, it smells great.  The sunscreen and the beach hair wave spray are two new items I have added this summer and I can’t do without them!  Just try them and you can thank me later…

4}  Last but not least, two of my favorite things in the summer are all the local farmers markets and of course my homemade sangria.  Who doesn’t love a good cocktail and some fresh produce in the summer?

Thanks so much for having me today Monique!  I hope you guys enjoyed these summer favorites!

What are some of your must-haves for the summer?

Thanks again, Rach!! Your homemade sangria is my absolute favorite- can’t wait to have some tomorrow!