Weekly Workouts- A really great week of workouts

Good morning! Phew! What a weekend:) Christy and Jamie’s wedding was an absolute BLAST- I’ll post a full recap later this week!

Last week was an awesome week of workouts. I got in some of my workouts in the morning, went to a UXF Burn training, subbed a class and did LOTS of dancing at the wedding. I was really happy for my long-overdue rest day yesterday 🙂

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- I got up and ran 3.5 fairly speedy miles. I’m usually much slower when I run in the morning (10-20 seconds/mile slower), but on Monday I ran a 5K just 4 seconds slower than my 5K PR time. Weird, but I’ll take it! Per usual, after my run, I did some core strength.



  • Tuesday- I got up to workout before work again- loved it! I did this workout, which seemed much harder than it did when I taught it. I think it’s because I’m never fully awake when I workout in the morning so I don’t have the energy I do when I workout after work.
  • Wednesday- I ran a nice 5K before teaching. The view of the Charles never gets old! Map My Run said I ran it in less than 26 minutes, but my watch said around 26:15, so I’m not sure if I PR’d or not. After I ran, I taught an awful UXF Burn class. I say awful because it was really not fun… the moves were hard and I was struggling! haha I hope I wasn’t the only one who felt that way 😉



  • Thursday- I taught a fun SHRED workout (I’ll post it Wednesday!) and then kickboxing. We worked so hard in kickboxing- holy high intensity cardio class!
  • Friday- I went to a UXF Burn training- we are releasing a new format and I’m SO excited about it 🙂 We went through and did workouts of the original versions and then we did the new 3-2-1 format workout and core workout. Working out with instructors is SO different- we all push ourselves much more than we would normally. I was pretty sore on Saturday!


  • Saturday- I subbed a SHRED class at the Central Square BSC. Before teaching, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical to loosen up my tight muscles. The class was SO FUN! So much energy. Loved it! My second workout of the day was most certainly dancing at Christy and Jamie’s wedding… you know it’s a good wedding when you start dancing BEFORE dinner is served 😉
  • Sunday- Rest day! I hadn’t taken a full rest day in 8 or 9 days which is really bad 😦

This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- I will have hopefully run by the time this post goes up! If I don’t get up to workout, I’ll do something after work.
  • Tuesday- I’m going to try and workout in the morning again. I want to start moving stuff to my new apartment this week so it would be nice to have a free night.
  • Wednesday- Probably a run then teaching UXF Burn. I am introducing the new format this week- can’t wait to see the faces of the members when I tell them to do 3 minutes of jump squats 😉
  • Thursday- The usual! SHRED and Cardio Kickboxing.
  • Friday- I think I’ll rest on Friday since I have to teach on Saturday and I’ll be moving all weekend… that will be a workout!
  • Saturday- It’s my Saturday to teach kickboxing at the Y! Can’t wait! My parents are coming down after to help me move… yuck!
  • Sunday- Moving!

Questions for you: What’s the best workout you did last week? Do you feel like your energy is lower in the morning? Have you made any new PR’s (personal records) lately?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts- A really great week of workouts

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      I hear ya! It’s definitely hard and they definitely are not my best workout, but if I don’t have time to workout after work, a half-assed workout in the morning is better than no workout!

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