Wednesday Workout {Valentine’s Day Edition}: The Love Your Body Workout

Good morning and happy hump day! I hope you’ve all gotten yourself shoveled out and prepared for another storm tomorrow ūüė¶ I’m REALLY hoping it passes and doesn’t really amount to anything.

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and since I love themed workouts, I’ve dedicated today’s workout to the theme of this month: Love. My first year of blogging I posted this core workout and last year I posted this full body workout¬†(which, looking back on looks tough… and one I want to try again!). This year, I’m focusing on exercises I’m loving these days. They are exercises that make me love and appreciate my body for all it does for me and these moves make me feel strong, yet challenge me and show me areas open for improvement.

Loving your body for all it does for you is SO important. I’ve spent too many years looking at myself in the mirror and pointing out all my flaws and giving myself everything BUT love. Over the years, and as I’ve started strength training, I’ve realized¬†how my body is so much more than just how I look in the mirror; this¬†has been one of the best mental shifts/changes I could have ever¬†made. I may not have “perfect” legs or arms or a butt without dimples, but you know what? I have a strong body and am so proud of the work I’ve put into making myself healthier and fitter and stronger and that is worth more than an image in the mirror.

This month, I challenge you to look in the mirror every day and say something nice about yourself and/or your body. Whether it’s new definition in your arms, a good hair day, a tighter feeling core, a bright, smiling face, good nails… you get the idea. All I’m asking is that rather than looking in the mirror and pointing out your flaws, I want you to look in the mirror and point out the things you’re happy about and proud of. Over time, this will help take over the negative thoughts and make you feel so much better. I can honestly say it’s a really good feeling to accept things about my body that used to make me disappointed or upset over!

And, with that heavy talk over… here’s the workout! All you need to do is grab a medicine ball and some weights (if you want them), set your timer for 25 minutes and see how many rounds of these exercises you can complete in the 25 minutes.

Love your body workout

I hope when you do this workout, you appreciate how strong you are and how far you’ve come. Even if you’re just getting back into fitness, every day you’re making strides in a really positive direction and your accomplishments- all of them big and small- along the way should be appreciated.

I’d love to see your #sweatyselfies if you try this workout! If you do, be sure to tag me @Burpeestobubbly¬†or use the hashtag #B2Bloveyourbody. Take time this month to give yourself a little love- you deserve it… I promise!

Questions for you: What’s something you’re proud of this week? What’s something you love about yourself? Do you try to focus on the positives about your body?


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