Boston’s Got A New Barre {My first FlyBarre class recap}

Before I get into my recap of the barre class I took at Flywheel, I wanted to let you know that Flywheel is hosting a MS Hope For A Cure event on March 28th. It is a really great sounding event and I hope to be able to make it!

WHAT: Located in the Prudential Center, Boston’s premier indoor cycling studio, Flywheel Sports, will host MS Cycle for a Cure and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on March 28 in an effort to raise awareness and critical funding for multiple sclerosis research.
In this one-day inspiring event, riders will sweat for a cause and be challenged to raise funds and come together to participate with the local community in the charitable indoor cycling event. Flywheel will offer four dedicated sessions of empowering instruction with all proceeds benefitting the National MS Society’s NOW campaign for research.

WHERE: Flywheel Sports at the Prudential Center 800 Boylston Street · Boston, MA 02199
WHEN: March 28, 2015
Registration begins at 2:30pm
Available sessions: 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
COST: $25 per person

And now to the recap! One of the best perks of being a blogger is getting a chance to take classes at various fitness studios in exchange for a blog post, so I jumped at the chance to try a class at Flywheel’s newest addition: FlyBarre. Since I love the indoor cycling classes at Flywheel, I had no doubts that I would also love their new barre class.


I wasn’t wrong! Although barre classes aren’t my favorite way to workout, they are a fun addition to my regular workouts and they ALWAYS leave me shaking! It’s something about those little weights that kills me, no matter what my current strength level is. I took the 5:15pm class with Azure and not only was she adorable, she was a really tough, but super motivating instructor that made the class fun.

Here’s a little about the class from their website: Classes are highly energetic and fast-paced while systematically working each muscle group through a sequence of focused movements, or “pulses.” We change our routines frequently and use a wide variety of props to tighten muscles and keep things interesting. You’ll never experience the same class twice.

They’ve got 4 different classes to choose from: FlyBarre 60, FlyBarre Sport, Power 45 and Tone & Stretch 60, so there is definitely something for everyone! I took the FlyBarre 60 for my first class, but since I have some more credits to use, I may try a different one next time.


What I loved is that we worked to the beat of the music, which is just something that comes naturally to me so when classes like that don’t go by the beat of the music, it throws me off. I also liked that you knew you only had to die work a specific muscle group for one song. Light at the end of the tunnel, baby!

Although we transitioned quickly from one thing to the next, Azure was great at demoing and cueing and she was continuously walking around from person to person with corrections and tweaks, which I appreciate. She had us using weights (I grabbed 5’s and 3’s, but ended up barely being able to finish the song with the 3’s!), the bands, body weight and the balls. We worked our shoulders and triceps, core, glutes, thighs and quads. At FlyBarre, there is one signature choreographed song that all classes will do, but for the rest the instructors have the ability to make up their own things, which is great because it means that every class you try will be different. For people who get bored easily like myself, this is a great thing to hear.


I think the hardest part for me was the last song when she had us doing bar squats (backs against the bar instead of a wall) with the ball between our legs. We did all sorts of crazy stuff and I felt like the song was 20 minutes long! I even had to take a few shakeout breaks- I literally couldn’t push through it. The core exercises were also challenging and we did this awesome one that left me sore for 3 days, which is unusual for me because my core rarely gets sore. We extended our feet and hooked them to the back of the bar. From there, we took the silver band and grabbed it tight with our hands and pulled it to our stomachs. We then crunched up, almost like a v-sit, and did that to the center, right and left for a song and holy moly my abs were screaming by the end!


All in all, I thought Flywheel did a really great job with their FlyBarre addition and I cannot wait to go back. People asked how it compared to other barre studios (I’ve been to a bunch!), and I have to say it was the hardest one I’ve ever taken.

Questions for you: Have you ever been to FlyBarre? Do you like barre classes?

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