Kia’s Bachelorette HIIT Bootcamp (10, 20 or 30 Minute Options- Body Weight!)

This workout  is the perfect workout if you just want to get in a good sweat while on the road or at your house without access to equipment. For my friend, Kia’s, bachelorette party, she wanted me to lead a bootcamp so I decided to put this HIIT section in as part of it. We only did it once through, but if you’re looking for a longer workout, you can certainly do it two, three or four times through depending on how much time you have.

kia's bachelorette HIIT bootcamp workout

I think all of these should be pretty straight forward (or something that you see often on B2B!), but if you have any questions, please let me know!

Also, if you’re looking for a longer workout and have people to workout with here’s how our whole 45 minute workout went:

  • We started with a 5ish minute warm up (jogging in place, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.)
  • Did this HIIT workout once through
  • 10 Seesaw push-ups (learned this in the FlyBarre class I took)- get in table-top position and lift one leg straight out behind you. As you lower your chest to the ground in a push-up motion, lift your leg. As you come back to table top, tap your foot to the ground. We did this on the right, then did a lunge progression: 16 regular, 16 lunge & tap, 16 lunge & knee raise, 8 lunge & hops)- all on the right, then we repeated on the left.
  • 5 Burpees, 1 hand release push-up… 4 burpees, 2 hand release push-ups, 3 and 3, 2 and 4 and finally 1 burpee and 5 hand release push-ups
  • Partner work: 1 person holds a low plank with legs/feet together. The other person hops over the legs of the plank person 10 times. Switch and repeat. Next plank exercise was one person holding a plank with legs separated and the other person would do high knees and step over the legs 10 times back and forth. Switch and repeat.
  • Lastly, we headed out to the deck and did a “run the plank” set as our last workout. The way this works is everyone gets into plank position, about 1 body width away from each other. The person at one end then jumps up and runs/hops over the legs of everyone else in the plank. When that person gets to the other end, everyone comes up to a high plank and does one step over so that the person who was second in line is now first. That person then jumps up and runs the plank. Repeat until the last person in line is up at the front of the line and running the plank. We were laughing so hard throughout this!

What a fun workout and really awesome way to start the day! Thanks for letting me kick your butts, girls 😉

Questions for you: Have you worked out at a bachelorette party before? What’s your favorite partner exercise?


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