It’s Been A Busy Week!

Hey there! Happy Saturday! So, I have a secret to tell you: I wrote all of my posts this week on Sunday. Since I knew I was going to have a super busy week with really no blog time, I spent a few hours on Sunday getting all of the posts set for the week. SUCH a great idea! But, since I didn’t share anything from the week, I figured I’d fill you in now!

On Monday, Jess and I were supposed to get together after work to film “Mommy’s Moves,” but the weather made a big turn for the worse and we were rained out. I had plans with Jess and some other friends to visit Lauren on her shift at Ironside Grill to watch the Bruins, but that wasn’t until 8pm, meaning I had some time to kill after work. I had gotten up and ran a 5K before work, so I figured since I had my gym stuff, I’d head up to the gym at my work and do strength and abs to complete my workout for the day (also, it was pouring rain and thundering and lightening so I needed to wait that out). As I was finishing my workout, Sheila texted and invited me over for dinner prior to the bar- perfect! I showed up and she had an awesome meal all ready to grill!



YUM! Thanks for a delicious and healthy dinner, Sheil! And, on top of a great meal, there was a double rainbow as we were heading to the bar!


I seriously love rainbows. They totally amaze me! Anyone else see it on Monday?

I wasn’t able to stay out very late because I knew I had to get up at 5am on Tuesday to head to NYC. I had to go for the day for a client meeting, which is fine, but it makes for a long day! Especially when your 5pm flight gets cancelled and delayed and you don’t leave until after 9pm. Yuck. Needless to say, I worked from home on Wednesday. I went for another run before I started working and boy was it hot! Nothing like sweaty legs, right?


I’m still amazed every time that happens. It’s so weird! Anyway! I finished up work around 5:30 and walked the 2 miles to get the T at Davis Square since I was meeting work people out in the city when I finished teaching. Tim was up from Florida and Chris was up from Texas, so I promised them that I’d join them for drinks and dinner. We had a blast and I stayed out later than I do on the weekend… I’m getting wild and crazy I tell ya! 😉


We had dinner and drinks at Remy’s and then went to the Cigar/Hooka bar later on. I hate the smell of smoke so it was a little gross at first and my eyes were burning, but I got over that quickly.


(Mom- the boys wanted to take that for you since the glass of wine was SO big. They said it was Momma Gags approved!)



Fun night- thanks guys!

On Thursday, I left work and taught my double and then went BACK into the city to meet up with the whole team for dinner at Smith and Wollensky. Even though I was exhausted, it was nice to have a big group dinner! I had Chris order me salmon, which was just OK. It was too salty!


Tim wanted me to share a picture of his meal. I can only imagine how awful that rich, creamy sauce was for you, but I love sauces and had to at least try a bite!


THAT was a yummy meal. After dinner, it was my job to show them a good time again, but the bars we went to were not that busy! Very strange for a Thursday night. As always, it’s so fun when we all get together!

Friday was another exciting day… I signed the lease papers for my new apartment starting on August 1st!


I am moving to East Boston and I am really excited! The apartment isn’t perfect by any means, but the kitchen and bathroom are recently renovated which is huge for me. Also, the area is really nice! There is a path along the water for walking and running just 5 minutes from the apartment building. I can’t wait to explore!

To celebrate, I made pizza! My stomach has been wacky since Sunday and my appetite has been off, but pizza sounded good so I went for it!


That’s not even an Instagram photo! So, so good. In fact, it smelled so good that Charlie woke up from napping in his new spot to see what was going on


Now THAT is a cat after my own heart! Gotta love the Lulu 😉

Today is another busy day. I am teaching Kickboxing at 10, I have a hair appointment at 12:30, I need to get a pedicure and something for Christy’s bachelorette party in NH that night. We are doing dinner in Kittery and then going out in Portsmouth- I can’t wait!!

Questions for you: Did you have a busy week or relaxing week? Where is your favorite bar to watch sports games? Ever been to a hooka bar? Know of any good restaurants in East Boston?

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

11 thoughts on “It’s Been A Busy Week!

  1. suzanne gagnon says:

    Hi Nick,
    I truly can’t answer any of the questions that you asked in this post, but I can tell you that I was VERY impressed with the size of that wine glass!! Also, the cream sauce looked really tempting–big wine glass+ sauce-laden food = my kind of place! Sounds like you had such a fun week–as you have heard, Dad, Dani, and I had a blast in Ottawa, Canada–you’ve got to get there sometime(it’s like Quincy Market and the North End on steroids!!!)

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      haha I knew you would be! The sauce was amazing, but a white, rich cream sauce? how could it not be?! A bite was more than enough! I have got to get to Ottawa- so jealous that you all had fun without me:(

  2. says:

    it makes me tired just to read what you have been up to. Have a nice Sunday.

    On Sat 06/22/13 8:32 AM , Burpees to Bubbly sent: > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; > } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { > background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, > a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; > color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: > 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ > > Burpees to Bubbly posted: “Hey there! Happy Saturday! So, I have a > secret to tell you: I wrote all of my posts this week on Sunday. Since > I knew I was going to have a super busy week with really no blog time, > I spent a few hours on Sunday getting all of the posts set for the > week. ” >

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