Guest Post: Aqua Aerobics

Hi there! TGIF! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I’ve got a fun guest post for you today. I often get requests to do guest posts on my blog, but I usually don’t agree to them since they don’t fall in line with my interests or things I want to share on B2B. However, when Becky reached out to me with a request to write a post on Water/Aqua Aerobics, I happily agreed! I have gone to a number of water aerobics classes with my mom and as a former swimmer/swim instructor, I love the benefits of water workouts. I know they are often thought of as “old people” workouts, but they are really great for getting a low-impact workout in that still leaves you tired and feeling like you worked out. I hope you enjoy this post!


Aqua Aerobics Can Help You Stay Fit & Healthy

What exactly is aqua aerobics? Basically, it is using the pool for workouts other than swimming. There are a surprising number of options and classes available. Aqua aerobics is a great way to exercise, with a huge upside– you quickly see how enjoyable the workout routines are, which will keep you enthusiastic, and coming back for more.

Amazing choices. Many people are surprised by the wide variety of classes available for aqua aerobics. If you want a robust and jazzy exercise workout which can also be a real challenge, there are kick boxing classes, or the sexy Zumba dance workout. Those classes will get your heart rate up for sure. If relaxation and quiet is the goal, try out water yoga or tai chi. These great articles give more information on workout options:

If a group class doesn’t sound exciting, try aqua jogging or walking in the lap lanes at the pool. These are great cardio workouts that a lot of runners use to cross train because they are so gentle on the joints. Pushing through the water provides a great workout in a soothing atmosphere.

Great for all ages. Fit and young runners who are building their mileage while training for marathons find aqua jogging an excellent break from the pounding of the running trail. When backaches start to intrude later in life, seniors will find the low impact of water workouts a gentle way to exercise. Regardless of age, aqua aerobics has something to offer.

Wonderful benefits. The low impact aspect of aqua aerobics is a big plus. In the water, the buoyancy of the water means that the body only has to support 50 percent of its weight. This leads to a lightness that can be felt the first time a person works out in the water. Doing lunges on land means stress on the knees – in the water, the impact is so much more gentle that lunges aren’t an eye rolling grind. The resistance of pushing against the water provides one of the best benefits of aqua aerobics – a person can get a solid strength workout without having to go through a lot of stations at the gym, or trying to work with free weights, which can be awkward.

Prepare for fun! Yes, water exercise is a good work out. But people in classes just smile and laugh a lot. Remember being a kid, and when you jumped in the water it made you and your friends all start laughing and smiling? The water also brings that same pleasure to adults. Maybe it’s the soothing feel of being in water, or the reminder of childhood – but being in the water is a just fun place to work out.

What are some of the exercises? If you want to start with a workout in your home pool, you can try a few exercises that range from cardio, to strength training, and great core work:

• Start with aqua walking. Just walk back and forth in chest deep water, and you’ll soon get it – the resistance of the water makes a person work hard.

• For a fun exercise – try Spiderman. Stand next to the side of the pool, and begin a treading water motion with the arms. Then run your legs up the side of the pool and back down. Do that about 20 times and you’ll feel arms, shoulders and legs.

• For core work, try the plank. Take a foam noodle – a sturdy foam cylinder about 3 feet long – and put your hands on it shoulder width apart. Let yourself sink into the water (yes, your head will stay above water), and keeping your back straight, hold that pose for as long as possible. You’ll feel a burn in your abs, for sure.

To get hooked on aqua aerobics – just try it. You’ll get a solid workout that’s a lot more enjoyable than being on the treadmill at the gym. Because it’s so much fun you will keep doing it. Once you start doing aqua aerobics, you’ll get a big smile thinking about that next class.

Becky Flanigan has lived near the beach since she was a kid. She gave up on surfing a while back, but enjoys walking the beach just as much as ever. Working freelance, Becky always enjoys the challenge of a new writing assignment.

Thanks again, Becky! I hope you all enjoyed this- you tell me: have you ever done water aerobics? What’s something that you like about water workouts?


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Aqua Aerobics

  1. suzanne gagnon says:

    Hi Becky, I am Monique’s Mom, and a lover of water aerobics! I love the fact that I can get a great workout, and NOTHING HURTS afterwards! The class that I go to is a basic water-fitness class, but would love to go to a water zumba class, or some of the other water classes that you mentioned. I have a friend with a pool, and am planning to buy some water “dumbells” so I can get my workout in the pool–before the Gin and Tonics!! Suzanne Gagnon.

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