Wednesday Workout: 4 Minute Plank Series {Video}

Hi there! I’m here with a  quickie plank workout for you today. As Holiday season is in full swing, I know it can be hard to find time to workout. That said, this is a perfect, short core workout that will leave you winded by the end! Hint: You’ll be doing this again later as part of the Happy, Healthy, Fit challenge, so you can practice each week until then 🙂

4 minute plank workout

I’ve also included a real-time video so you can workout with me if you need extra motivation 😉

Few planking reminders:

  • Keep your core engaged, shoulders pulled back onto your back
  • Make sure your shoulders are right over your elbows and wrists (if in a straight arm plank)
  • Push your heels back away from your body
  • Keep your head, neck and spine in line
  • Make sure your bum isn’t sticking up or sagging too low; keep your core tight to protect your lower back
  • If you feel tired at all, drop to your knees- it’s better to do a CORRECT plank on your knees than an incorrect plank on your toes.

Happy planking, friends!

Questions for you: What’s your favorite plank variation?