Wednesday Workout: The Kitchen Chair Workout {Because I was snowed in…}

Good morning! If you’re a fellow New Englander, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of “snowed in” hours at home, right? Most of Boston was entirely shut down during Juno and even though this past storm didn’t have the same effects on the city, I still only left the house to shovel. Since I’m someone who gets antsy pretty easily, I was definitely itching to get some movement in (other than shoveling, that is. I’m so over it at this point.). But, since I couldn’t make it to the gym, I had to get a little creative.

I wasn’t feeling my Step360 and wasn’t in the mood for a lot of cardio or upper body exercises since I was pretty beat from shoveling. Enter: the kitchen chair! I was just playing around on it at first, but soon enough I was adding on and doing multiple sets of something that started out as an innocent way for me to get some energy out. 

If you’ve been reading Burpees to Bubbly for a while, you’ve probably seen me incorporate park benches and stairs and other pieces of “equipment” that can be found outside (some posts are here and here). I love using them for step-ups, core work, incline or decline push-ups, and things to jump on. Today’s workout incorporates a little of all my favorite things 🙂 I put it in video form as a real-time workout in case you prefer to do a workout WITH someone.

Please note that I should be more upright in the last exercise,  but the camera was at an angle and I didn’t want to move too much and make things blurry so I just left it. When doing the barre plié’s, make sure you’re night and upright, shoulders back and gaze facing forward. Stand close enough to the chair to avoid leaning.

And, if you’d prefer to just read the workout and do it on your own time, here you go!

Kitchen chair workout

I’d love to know if you try this! Seeing your sweaty selfies makes me so happy!

Questions for you: Where you stuck inside because of snow this year? What do you do to keep busy? What’s your favorite non-gym piece of equipment?


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: The Kitchen Chair Workout {Because I was snowed in…}

  1. Jean Brennan says:

    Will get your exercise winding your way around all the thousands of folks that will be in the city for the big parade!!!! Have a good day.

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