Weekending: Gillette Stadium, Sushi & the Cape

Good morning! I’ve been enjoying the posts where I share a glimpse into my weekend, or even week, in some cases- hope you find them interesting, too! My weekend felt like it started on Thursday since my company had it’s summer outing at Gillette Stadium that day, which meant I had loads of extra time in the morning to sleep in a bit and get to the gym- I could get used to mornings like that!


I may not be a big sports fan (or even a little sports fan), but I have to say it was still pretty cool to spend the day there, having drinks, getting a private tour of the stadium and getting to go on the field.




After finally getting home (took 2 hours because of ridiculous traffic), RM came over and we grilled up some burgers and enjoyed a nice dinner on the deck. This is a reason why I will never be able to live somewhere without access to the outside- it’s just such a nice reprieve from crazy city life.


(I guess I should probably buy RM his own, less flowery, apron 😉 )


I had the luxury of working from home on Friday (again), so I took the opportunity to go for a nice walk during my lunch break. My workouts left me pretty sore last week so it felt good to go for just a walk and nothing else.


After work I had to head into the city quickly for an appointment- can I say how much I’m digging the jean shorts/casual tank/converse sneaks look? Love!


Can I also say how much I enjoyed a day of no humidity and the ability to straighten my hair?! It feels so much longer now!


For sushi, we went to Douzo, which is our favorite place in the city. Per usual, it did not disappoint!


Saturday I FINALLY taught my cardio kickboxing class and then headed down to the Cape  for an overnight. RM was playing golf in Plymouth so it worked out well for me to swing by and grab him on the way down. They had about 2 holes left by the time I got there so I saddled up at the 19th hole and decided that I’m really good at that type of golfing 😉


We hung out for a bit and then made the rest of the trip to the Cape, but not without a stop at the Popponesset Inn in New Seabury for a drink and lobster roll. I felt like I was back in Italy ordering a Spritzer!


We shared a salad and a lobster roll, but could’ve probably just shared the lobster roll. I think there was an entire lobster worth of meat in it!


Delicious!! Saturday night we laid low at the house and on Sunday, once the skies cleared, we headed to the beach. It was HOT HOT HOT!


(new suit from Target- all bathing suits are on sale!)

We lasted about 2.5 hours before we had to call it a day. The sun must’ve been super strong because even with SPF 30 on, we both still burned, which rarely happens to me. On the way home, in the spirit of National Ice Cream Day, we stopped at Sweet Caroline’s.


Actually, who am I kidding. National Ice Cream Day or not you can be damn sure I was making us make a pitstop there on the way home. The ice cream is SO good, and coming from someone who made ice cream and managed an ice cream shop for 7 years, that’s saying something! 🙂

All in all, another great weekend. I’m so happy that this summer is less busy than last summer because we have been able to really enjoy our weekends.

Questions for you: Jorts- yes or no? How was your weekend? What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you like lobster rolls?

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