Currently I’m Crushing On {Part IV}

I go through phases for things I’m loving. Whether it’s fashion, food or fitness, I tend to be really into something for a while and then once I get sick of it, I move on to something new. I’ve share some other things I’ve been crushing on here, here, and here. But it’s time to share some new things I’m loving- most are fashion related, as that is currently something I’m really into- enjoy!

  • These Lululemon casual pants- I don’t remember what the name of them is, but I got them on super sale and LOVE them! So comfy.



  • Skinny Jeans and Wedges/flowy tops (Shirt is from a boutique in Kennebunkport, jeans are J. Crew and shoes are Lucky Brand)


Same, just with my favorite shoes from Off Saks!


  • Painting my nails, especially with this Essie nail polish. It’s called “In The Cab-bana”


  • This new suit from target- all their bathing suits are on sale


  • Rosé- especially this one from Napa… #roséallday


  • THIS. Oh my God this Talenti Gelato is AMAZING. You must go buy some immediately!


  • Black Raspberry ice cream- or, really, any kind of ice cream. RM makes fun of me because every day I go “you know what I feel like today? Ice cream”, without fail!


  • Kettlebells- still! I’ve been doing lots of different workouts with them and feel stronger!


Now it’s your turn- I want to know what YOU’RE loving these days, especially if it’s fashion, food or workout related, haha 😉


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